University of Bonn

Financial Economics of Insurance (Winter 2019/20, 2020/21, Seminar, Bachelor)

Banking and Securitization (Summer 2020, 2021, Lecture, Master & PhD) [Syllabus]

Topics in Financial Economics: Central Clearing (Summer 2019, Seminar, Master & PhD)

Corporate Finance (Winter 2018/19, Lecture, Master & PhD)

Goethe-University Frankfurt

The Micro- and Macroeconomic Role of Insurance Companies (Summer 2018, Lecture, Master)

Insurance Economics (Winter 2017/18, Lecture, Bachelor)

Risk Management and Insurance (Winter 2016/17, Lecture, Bachelor)

Insurance and Regulation (Summer 2016, Lecture, Bachelor, TA)

Insurance Technologies (Winter 2015/16, Seminar, Master, TA)